No Need To Panic… Yet

No Need To Panic… Yet

(Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

I spent the last two weeks in Europe enjoying my time away from American culture. The constant hustle and bustle were replaced by the slow-paced lifestyle of island living. Not only was I disconnected from the world for being out of America, but my phone broke two days into the trip. Admittedly so, I returned confused as to why the Phillies weren’t in first and what has been going on with the Eagles preseason. I am going to try and pretend my first day back in the states didn’t actually happen. The Phillies blew last night’s game late with a walk-off home run. I also read how Adam Schefter believes Carson Wentz won’t be ready for week one.


We’re going to get off on a brand-new foot tonight when the Eagles play the Browns in their dress-rehearsal for week one’s opener vs the Falcons. We will most likely get our last glimpse of Nick Foles and most of the starters until opening night. Even though the game means absolutely nothing, I would love to see the starters look good for a half against the Browns. The team that has gone 1-31 since passing on Carson Wentz in the draft two years ago.


Right now, I am far more concerned with the Phillies than I am the Eagles. Maybe if the Eagles start 0-2, then I will go ahead and ring the alarm. As it stands now, the Phillies are still far from out of it. Only three games out in the division and 1.5 out of the wild card spot. However, they better pick it up if they want to be playing into October. Slipping down in the standings any more than they already have would be a huge blow to their playoff hopes that they would never recover from losing. The two horses of the rotation will look to stop bleeding the next two games. The Phillies will look to Nola and Arrieta to get them back on the winning ways. Between the Eagles third preseason game and the Nola-Scherzer duel in D.C., the last button on our remotes should get a lot of action tonight. This will give us plenty to talk about tomorrow.

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