Phillies falter, but don’t lose ground in the standings

Phillies falter, but don’t lose ground in the standings

I saw this past weekend as an opportunity for the Phillies to get some easy wins. I figured a series win against the Blue Jays could help get them back on the winning ways. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to take the series in Toronto. However, they did manage to avoid the sweep yesterday with an 8-3 victory. The Phillies need to thank their lucky stars that the Braves also faltered against the Marlins and lost 2 of 3. Otherwise, they would be in a much deeper hole. The most important week of the season is underway for the Phil’s.


It truly is gut check time. They can play themselves back into a tie for the division and wildcard, or they can play themselves out of the race. The team has had me fooled all season long. As of last month, I had bought them as a legit contender in the NL. I went away to Greece for a couple weeks and I don’t know what happened to them. I still think the Phillies are a playoff team. They just need to show it and come alive for the last month.


The sports scene is starting to heat up. The Eagles are ten days away from opening up their campaign as defending champions. Penn State starts off their season Saturday ranked no. 10 in the country. It would be really nice to have the Phillies in the playoff hunt fighting for a playoff spot all of September. Not only does it make for exciting sports, it takes the sting out of summer coming to an end.

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